The Bird Whisperer Project

Next month will be the one year anniversary of the Bird Whisperer Project. The project now has its own Facebook page and this week, on Wednesday, we'll be posting the final bird of the year. Wow!! Who would have thought this little idea would grow into such a fantastic and fun monthly challenge.

How did it all begin?

The adventure began with friendship. Melissa Gay and I only knew each other online till JordanCon 2015, when we became roomies and besties. Afterwards, it was clear we shared some common interests, namely birds. In early January of this year, the idea was born after I posted one of my crow sketches on Facebook. See the comments in the image below.

"Let's do it!" 

A flurry of Facebook messages ensued. We made plans to post once a month, to keep our work hidden from one another till posting day, etc. But we didn't know what we had or how it would be received. Two days later, we had a name...

Bird Whisperers

I'd forgotten these little details, these little moments that gave birth to the project. Thanks, Facebook! (Two words I thought I'd never say together!!)

#BirdWhisperer January 2016

That first month happened so fast. As the months went on we became more organized, found our groove and began attracting the attention of other artists. Erica Lyn Schmidt joined our ranks in April and has been with us ever since. In August, Rebecca Nipper officially joined the team. What began as a whim, evolved! It took me by surprise. Believe it or not, the focus of my art is not birds. GASP!! Birds do often make an appearance in my art, but I spend more time watching birds, identifying them and collecting their discarded nests and feathers. I realized in October I needed to set the project free. I will still be around, but I decided to hand over the reigns to Erica. She's done an amazing job in the last two months organizing a group for new members of the project and now a Facebook page too. I can't wait to see the project grow in 2017!

Here are some of my favorites from this past year.

Browse our Bird Whisperer Albums on Facebook to see all the previous month's birds and artworks. 

Call for Art: Operation Gaia

"What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"

- Henry David Thoreau, Familiar Letters

The Changeling Artist Collective will be hosting a fundraiser auction, January 20th through January 27th. 100% of profits (excluding shipping) will be donated to the National Audubon Society.

We are inviting guest artists to participate in this event. Donated works should be small (5” x 7” or smaller, recommended). This is an open themed auction. Participating artists will have their work featured on our Facebook page and site.

If interested, please send your name and a link to your portfolio to

Deadline for Call: December 23rd
Participating Artists announced: January 2nd
An image of the art donated will be due: January 18th

If the work sells during the auction, you will be provided the buyer’s address for shipping. Shipping costs will be reimbursed.

Join the Facebook event here:

Art in Banner by Fergal O'Connor