Hideous Creatures: Wendigo

A couple months back I completed my first freelance illustration work for Pelgrane Press. Working for small game companies is an excellent way to learn, gain experience and get your foot in the door (the door being the illustration industry). The piece I painted in June can't be shared just yet, but I recently completed three more illustrations for a different project.

When the art director sent me direction for each illustration, I thought I was dreaming. Wendigos. Specifically the wendigos of North America. Mythology and folklore are a passion and more often than not these stories and themes are fusing with my art. This project was the perfect assignment.

The illustrations below were created for Hideous Creatures: Wendigos by Kenneth Hite.

Creature Design

If you're an artist that delves into the fantastic then you've thought up crazy creatures and beings at some point. But I'd never done it with guidelines. The big requirement for this fellow were the bizarre feet. 

Cosmic Wendigo

I was so inspired by this illustration that I sort of bypassed the sketch phase. Who wouldn't be? Canadian forest, night sky, spirit wendigo.... Thankfully, the art director was inspired by it too. After a little more development it was deemed finished.

Wendigo Possession

For the final illustration, I need to create a scene. A Metis trapper enters a cabin to find a European trapper possessed by a wendigo. A lot of research went into this painting. I used Google images to browse for vintage photographs of Canadian trappers and their log cabins.