Bone Magic for the Petite Works Group Show

Bone Magic, acrylic, 4x5 inches

Bone Magic, acrylic, 4x5 inches

Earlier this month, fellow artist Tiffany Toland-Scott invited me to participate in a group show at Eight and Sand Gallery. The show will be devoted to small works of art and I coincidentally have been working on some small traditional paintings. Committing to the show was just the kick in the butt I needed to finish one of them.  

Bone Magic is a study for a larger, yet unnamed painting. The staff is based on an actual staff my daughter and her friends constructed. It lives in our house.  The skull and bones are straight from our staff, while the jasper/turquoise strand and metal discs are products of my imagination. In the eventual painting, I may add more elements and you'll get to see the staff's keeper too.

If you follow me on Patreon you've already gotten an inside look at the process and my thoughts for this painting. Here's a peek for the rest of you.

I applied a gloss medium and varnish yesterday, so the painting needs to sit for a bit before I can frame and ship. Yes, that's an actual vertebrae from my own collection attached to the frame.

The group show at Eight and Sand Gallery opens March 12 at 6 p.m. PST.  Sadly, I won't be there since the gallery is on the other side of the country! 


  • Sat, Mar 12, 2016 6:00 p.m. till  Fri, Apr 1, 2016


Art Goals: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Another year is coming to a close. Much of 2015 has been amazing. I started the year off being accepted into a juried art exhibit at the University of North Georgia. A month later I ran my first Kickstarter campaign; which ended in success and the printing of my first sketchbook. April arrived and brought with it my first JordanCon Art Show. I walked away from the small convention in disbelief after receiving Judge's Choice from Todd Lockwood. Even typing out that sentence stirs up feelings of shock. That really happened. Really. There are moments when I still can't wrap my head around it, but it did happen.

Since then life in the studio has been a little chaotic. I took on my first freelance assignment, which was exciting and turned into a great learning experience. I also tackled a large private commission. Then I decided I needed to focus on painting for me. I wanted to tackle a personal vision that had been brewing since I painted Renascentia. I closed all commissions and launched a Patreon campaign. However, with my new found "free" time I quickly became distracted by Inktober (which was amazing!!), Month of Fear and an ArtOrder Challenge. And soon after I plunged into a depression that lasted all of November. I had one of the worse flare up's with my TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) in over a decade. I was miserable. Depression is an old friend. I've suffereed with and manic high's for many years, but I've gotten better at controlling it, rolling with it, and using it. 

The darkness finally began to lift during the first week of December. I finished my painting for the art challenge (not going to talk about it) and I even entered the Infected by Art Vol 4 challenge (with little concern whether I make the cut). My lack of caring is not part of my dark mood, rather it's coming to the realization that I need to realign myself with my vision. I need to walk to the beat of my own drum. I closed all commissions so I could do this and then promptly lost my way. Not going to happen again! 

My Goals for 2016

1.  Stay true to my Vision

I've already re-vamped my Patreon campaign to reflect a more focused approach toward my personal project, Earth Rituals. I'll be sharing more about it with the public next month. Staying focused on my vision means no more misc. diversions. No more creating art to fit someone else's vision. I need to see my voice realized and then I'll be able to apply that voice to commissions in the future.

2. Make a ton of Art

I have a long list of painting ideas and inspiration. It's going to be an incredible year!

3. Continue to Draw/Sketch Daily

Whether it's practice to improve my figure drawing skills or sketching ugly thumbnails for my personal project, I'm going to sketch and draw more.

4. Publish a Small Book about a White Crow

That's right. My White Crow from Inktober is going to become a book, available as a softcover book and Kindle ebook.

5. Apply to the DragonCon Art Show

DragonCon is a juried Art Show. I was accepted into the show in 2014, but not 2015. I'm hoping with a new portfolio of work luck will be in my favor for 2016.

6. Continue to enter Shows and Annuals

I entered five shows/annuals this year. Thus far, I've made it into one show. Two were a no go and two are still up in the air. It sucks getting a rejection, but it's all part of the process. The thing to remember, even with rejections your art is being seen. The more it's seen, the more likely you'll be remembered. So I'm going to continue applying to exhibits, art shows, and annuals.

7. Stream my Painting Sessions

I need to make some upgrades in the studio before this can happen, but I'm hoping it will become a reality in 2016. I'd like to put my Youtube Channel to good use!

That's it. It's not a huge list, but it's one that will keep me busy. I have a personal project I want to focus on first and then we'll see what happens. I will have a lot of new art in 2016. Here's to an incredible 2016!