Fanfare for Rose | Amazing Stories Spring 2019
Forest Scouts | Bird Whisperer December 2018
Perchance to Dream | Cover for Long List Anthology Vol 4
Spirit Keeper | Bird Whisperer March 2018
Jupiter Event | Cover for A Door Never Dreamed Of
War for Jupiter | Cover for Darkness Between the Stars
Saturn's Twilight
The Hive | Cover for Shadow of Forever
Autumn Waters
Forest Dreams
Raven Queen Rising
Signs and Symbols
The Elder
The Alchemist | Cover for Long List Anthology Vol 3
The Seer
Her Domain
Fly Fast
Harbinger | Bird Whisperer January 2017
Forest Guardian
Moon Keeper | Olde Fae Card Game
Maybe Tomorrow | Diabolical Plots Year 3 2018
Dragon's Breath
Sun Keeper | Olde Fae Card Game
Blossom Shifter
Last Light | Cover for Eaters of the Light
Heart of the Forest
Another Earth | Cover Art for The Sleepers
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